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About Us - A Day in the Life

A day in the life of SOCELEX starts at around 7.30 am when the geese are led out of their goose house and onto the field. The geese who are named after the 12 disciples follow their leader in single file making a lot of noise as they go!

Around 30 pigeons live on the roof, so the next job is to climb the ladder and fill the bird table with corn. Most of the birds have been treated at SOCELEX in the past but still return for their breakfast.

Then the dogs are let into their compounds and fed and watered. Some compounds contain an assortment of seagulls, muscovey ducks, and geese, their water bowls are cleaned and fresh water given. They are fed with meat or vegetables bread and corn. There is a hen in one of the compounds who sits on top of a kennel when he has finished his meal!

There are pigeons and doves in hutches, recovering from their injuries, they need their water bowls cleaned and fresh water given, they are fed with corn. Some of them go to the back of their hutch when you put your hand in - but others approach you so care must be taken not to let them out of the hutch!

There is a rabbit and some baby rabbits which need rabbit food, greens and or carrots. The ferrets and polecats need meat and water. Also their hutches need frequent cleaning out, and maintenance work often needs to be carried out. Once the ferrets, polecats and birds have been fed the 20 cats in the main cattery can be let out - weather permitting!

Sometimes we are summoned to the front gate by the bell. It could be a kind person who has brought some animal food or bric a brac, or somebody with an injured animal. Occasionally people come to give a home to a dog or cat, kitten or puppy.


We are often kept busy answering telephone calls from the public. Often we are called out to a cat or dog that has been injured in a road traffic accident. We take them to the Vet and if the owner cannot be traced we nurse them back to health at the sanctuary. In the afternoon some 20 - 24 tins of catfood are opened, (we get through a lot of can openers!). The Fox also needs to be fed and his bedding (straw) needs to be changed.

Other jobs which have to be fitted in where possible include cleaning the paths, and various cleaning and maintenance jobs. We also need to ensure that there is sufficient food for the animals. Vet runs can take up quite a lot of time!

Late in the afternoon/early evening the cats return to the cattery for the night, the dogs are fed and put in their kennel for the night, and the geese go back to their house.

The last job of the day is to give medication to any animal that needs it, or sometimes we have kittens to hand rear - and so to bed.

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