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Lost, Found & Homes Needed

Missing Pets

Please let us know if you have recently lost a pet, it may be that someone will have found it and brought it to Socelex.

There are probably very few of you reading this newsletter that have not at some time lost a beloved pet. Sometimes we are lucky and they come home or are found and returned. Sometimes we may never know what has happened to our loved one.

There are two ways of identification that can be used, one is microchip and another one not as used but well worth considering is tattooing. Please contact The National Dog Tattoo register on Tel: 01255 552455 or visit their website.

Tattooing is a permanent and visible identification that is applied in seconds and requires no anaesthetic or sedation. If you are unfortunate to lose your pet please check all the cupboards etc in your own house first! Recently my sister in law lost her cat only happily to find him again the next day in the blanket drawer of the bed in her guestroom! Also ask neighbours to check their garages etc, and put posters in all neighbouring houses. Make sure you have a clear colour photo of both sides of your cat and its face.

Also report the missing cat to local sanctuaries and vets, Cats Protection, RSPCA etc and put a lost advert in your local paper. Inform local schools since children are very observant.

Getting a Pet

We also sometimes have cats and dogs in need of loving homes, get in touch with us if you are looking for a pet.

Before getting a pet, it's important to ask yourself certain questions:

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